Thursday, 26 January 2017


When you see a cat,
Sitting in the corner of your house,
Looks tired, starving, and thirsty,
Seems decades didn’t rain around,
A wind from desert brought dusts to his face.

His head shakes from loneliness,
His nail goes under his legs.
Waiting an ant to help him,
A smile can be enough for him.

Felt guilty, shamed,
Have all oceans, banks, and mouths
But no one ready to share a little bit.
Can we call ourselves human being!

Drove my car, searching in all markets,
Brought a bottle of Milk, water, and cloths.
The cat saw me, smiling, gazing to me to go faster.
  Washed him, dried him, and gave him Milk.

Combing his hair, tried to kiss his head,
To show simplicity.
Bit my hand, and showed his fidelity.

Besar Kurdistani