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We are Shameful

We are blessed, because of this distance between us! God created a boundary, It looks like, he knew! How shameful we are!
Brought up into this life in a single body, then into two, later into billions! clearly told us, come on be one, be human! we became everything, except being human! 
When i came to this grimy world, The channel was Kurdistan, But i am like a universe, each part of my body belongs to one place! Because of human taboos, closed my eyes, feelings, and senses! became like a robot. Now:
I am everything, except human!  



Life in one poem

relaxation, can start with loyalty, and end up with simplicity.
give me one flower, can be with me for a lifetime, with the sunset, each morning,  will kiss, smell and huge it. to show my willingness in life.
depression, can start from selfishness, and end up with Too Clever by Half.
give me one sharp prickle, can be a lesson for me in a lifetime, with the sunset, each morning, will injure my hands, and flow red inside me. To make myself aware from wicked.

Besar Kurdistani