Friday, 3 July 2015

Game Over

Friends that poem supposed to be political poem lolz but look when i finished it what happened to my inspiration.

A small child,
stole a small sweet behind her Mam,
called him a small thief in front of his Dad,
gave him a small penalty.

grows up,
This time, he goes to the same place,
same sweet shop,
Good Morning Sir,
when i was a child, stolen a sweet,
now i have to pay for you double.
Don't say anything Sir,
No one understand, unless
when someone stealing you,
Now, i feel you.
Yeah, she taught me a lesson,
stole my heart in a minute,
can't return it forever.
it is a mess,
was like a poison, that put inside my brain.
directly felt the waives, waives continuously,
started from heart, mouth, ear, eyes, till reached my brain.
there showed to all my system.

Besar Kurdistani

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