Monday, 10 August 2015

Stencile trainings for IDPs

That is why i am feeling proud of being INTERSOS staff. now i know what i did for them and what was my input in this world. The Revolution continuous, the number will be increased. We did the same for Shaqlawa and it is time to start with urban Areas in Erbil. We taught them, they will teach others, and others will do to others.
 She did so many interviews and raised her voice after finishing her training with us. I feel proud that i was her trainer.

one of her interviews
"I wear heels all the time. It's a bit tricky with the dirt roads and rocks in the camp but I love fashion and dressing up, living in the camp wont stop me."

"Life in the camp is hard and sometimes it is depressing. Dressing up and looking after myself is one way to make myself forget where I am and to feel normal."

Aya, 15, is part of a youth group and was taking part in an art and creative thinking course, when our colleague Bathoul met her. The course encourages young people to express themselves creatively through art and design. Aya even designed the t-shirt she is wearing in this picture.

Aya and the rest of the students will go on to teach their new skills to a new group as the course continues to encourage creative thinking amongst young people aged 13- 18 years. Aya and her family live in a camp for internally displaced Iraqis, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Photo: UNHCR/B.Ahmad