Saturday, 29 April 2017

If i have a baby

If i have one,
will teach my baby to be self educator!
In this grimy life to be student is much difficult,
Than to be self educator!

Will teach my baby in a Notebook,
Write all mistakes around and inside,
with various solutions, and frozen pip people!
This is the puzzle of life!

Don't keep your noise up,
Loop all in and in the same don't!

Life is like a flower has a circle of growing up!
in each mint of it,
Cameraman can enjoy it and make the best out of it!

Enjoy every mint, and think twice!
Don't allow your pride lose chances,
chaise good people and gain choices!

Besar Kurdistani

Saturday, 15 April 2017

We are Shameful

We are blessed,
because of this distance between us!
God created a boundary,
It looks like, he knew!
How shameful we are!

Brought up into this life in a single body,
then into two, later into billions!
clearly told us,
come on be one, be human!
we became everything, except being human! 

When i came to this grimy world,
The channel was Kurdistan,
But i am like a universe,
each part of my body belongs to one place!
Because of human taboos,
closed my eyes, feelings, and senses!
became like a robot.
I am everything, except human!